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Property Law is a vast branch of civil law that covers a variety of matters related to the property. A property may refer to a code that regulates the various forms of control and tenancy of property – both real and personal. But there is a difference between the ownership and control of immovable property (land, house, etc.) and movable property (money, cars, personal objects, etc.).

Property Law and its Coverage

Property law as explained above is the law which regulates the control of a person on a certain property. It gives him the right to do whatever he pleases to do with that within the confines of the law of that region. The universal entities, which are common to all of the mankind like the oceans, the air, the sun and such similar things, are not considered the property of any person, company or nation. Except for those things, the person owning the property can use it, sell it or dispose of it in whichever manner he likes without breaking any laws. Thus we can say that the owning a property gives some rights over it to the owner. These rights include:

  1. Using the property

  2. Make profit from that property

  3. Transfer the control to another or selling the property

  4. Right to prohibit others from the property.

Types of Property

Among many classifications of property, there are two major kinds of property i.e. Real property and Intellectual property.

Real property is referred to as any property that is real or tangible. It can be seen in physical form. This includes land, building, money, valuable objects, vehicles, business, etc.

Virtual property or intellectual property refers to the property which exists virtually i.e. in the mind of a particular person or the production of a mind. This includes music, a written creation like novel or poem, invention, patent, copyright, etc.

Who is a Property Lawyer and What Does He Do?

A property lawyer is a lawyer who deals with the property law and the area under it. As property law is very vast, the roles and responsibilities of a property lawyer are many. The major roles of a property lawyer are:

  • Overseeing the transaction of a property

  • Drafting legal contracts in a property trade

  • Setting up agreements in buying, selling or renting of a property

  • Drafting negotiations of land contracts

  • Drafting commercial leases and due diligence

  • Settling up property disputes

Besides these functions, a property lawyer has some other functions related to the property law. But they come more or less under the above main points only.

Finding a Good Property Lawyer

If you are dealing in a property transaction, it is best that you take the help of a property lawyer. They understand what property law is and how to make the best interest of the client. It is a big field and it needs past experience in these matters.

There are a number of intricate details, loops and nooks in property law which cannot be expected to be known by a layman. A property lawyer can explain these points to you and guide you through the process very easily.

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