Donating or trading in used car?? It is really hard to decide when it comes to getting rid of an old car. Actually, donating is easy if just getting rid of a damaged car is the main purpose. But when maximizing the benefits for both parties is also necessary then donating a car to charity will be complicated.

Many people donated their used card to charity when they bought new one just because of non-traditional financial reward i.e. tax deduction. But the changing tax rules have changed the scenario and now there is a debate on “does it make financial sense to donate a car to charity?

Donating a Vehicle To Charity

Donating an old used to charity is a great way to get rid of an old car and get a tax break. That vehicle was further used for conducting charities business. The owner will get the amount and tax break when the charity sells that vehicle. But it has been difficult for the taxpayers to deduct the amount since the tax rules updated. Now taxpayers could deduct the market fair in some conditions. So you need to consider the actual amount of deduction before donating or claiming tax reduction. Itemizing deduction or return is also of major concern. For example, if you sold in $1500 at a charity auction and you got 28% tax deduction then deductions would be $420. Obviously, it will not make a financial sense in this case.

Donating Vs Trading In

Calculating the actual deduction will give a clear idea that donating cars to charities is not a good option. That’s why it is not common these days. However, trading it to an individual buyer of junk car removals is a great way to get cash for car. Selling personally to third party or junkyard seems to be time consuming but with little effort you can add more dollars to your bank while getting rid of it.

Here are some major differences between these two methods that will help in making the right decision.

  • Selling a car to third party is not time consuming task. However, it will take some time in searching and negotiating the final price with buyer but once the buyer is found then the deal can be done in a few days. Whereas in donating it is difficult to choose the one charity because many charities are scams. Car donation is a complex journey in which proper documentation is required and several rules to follow.
  • You can negotiate the price with the buyer to get the most of your pristine car. Or if it is not in a good condition then selling to car wreckers Brisbane will be the best option to get more cash. However, a certain amount will be deducted from the selling price in car donation.
  • Proper paperwork is required in donating a car to charity. Moreover, you must have an IRS (501) tax designation and itemization for claiming the tax deduction.

The car donation can only make financial sense when you have an old damaged car and dealers or third party is not offering a good rate the donating it will make sense. However, it is suggested to sell it the car scrap removal or junkyards to get a better value. Selling the working spare parts separately to mechanic shop and selling scrap to scrap removals is the best way to make the most of your old pristine car.

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