Homeopathic medicines for adverse effects of cancer treatments

Does Homeopathy Cures Side Effects From Other Cancer Treatments

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The answer to this can be derived by knowing what other treatments are present for cancer and if homeopathy is such miraculous then how it works in subsiding the side effects of other cancer treatments. Cancer is a deadly disease, a terrible scourge which has killed and is killing every day millions of people throughout […]

The Beauty and Skin Care Benefits of Marula Oil

What is Marula Oil and How Does it Affect Your Skin, Hair & Health?

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Natural oils and ingredients, such as argan oil, witch hazel, and jojoba oil, began as niche beauty alternatives for those with sensitive skin or specific skin issues. They have since become multipurpose lifesavers, capable of gently and organically nourishing skin and hair. Now, natural products are totally mainstream. However, just as with all personal care […]

Why it's hard to sleep well during pregnancy

Best Tips For Sleep Peacefully During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the god gift for every woman in the universe. During pregnancy, woman sacrifices everything to have a healthy baby. She undergoes series of cycle, pain, and discomfort throughout her pregnancy. She tolerates unforgettable pain in the labor room. But, once she found her baby, she will forget all her pain and sorrows. Good […]

Alternative Cancer Treatment Therapies in India

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Cancer is a threatening disease which not only imposes pain but also makes a person fragile enough emotionally and mentally besides physically. Unlike conventional therapies which cure the person of cancer through medicines and surgeries alternative cancer therapies are meant to palliate the person from side-effects of conventional therapies and relieve him from the pain […]

What Is The Best Diet For Growing Children

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Initial years of growth and development are very crucial and should be accompanied by a proper and balanced diet. Parents should give attention about the diet of their growing children that they are getting a healthy diet. Mostly it so happen that we ignore the diet of our kids by providing them poor quality food […]

Get Proper Yoga Training in Rishikesh for the Betterment of Your Health

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Yoga, a four letter word is extremely very powerful and beneficial for our body. Yoga stretches are recommended by the healthcare provider or doctor. India has the most inspiring thing “YOGA” which helps to relieve stress as well as to maintain better health. India has the best and well experienced yoga teachers who teaches yoga […]