Every year a lot of people sell their used phones. This can be due to several reasons, like the purchase of the last model of the particular set or the non-functioning of the existing mobiles. Have you ever given an idea of ​​where these phones are going? Well, you will be surprised to know that most of them are dumped on the floor. This is quite harmful to humans, since the battery of a cell phone contains many hazardous materials like lead, mercury, cadmium, brominated flame retardants and arsenic.

Once a phone is discharged into the ground all chemical materials leak and mix with the ground. This is very harmful to our health as the batteries contain carcinogens that can damage the kidneys of humans. According to research conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency each year about 125 million phones are discarded, which in turn generates 65,000 tons of waste.

Realizing the importance of a used mobile phone, a team of researchers at the German university is working to find more convenient ways to extract the raw materials that are used in making a phone. To protect the environment from being damaged many ecological methods are adapted, one of them is to recycle it. There are a plethora of benefits you get by recycling your phone. An interesting fact about cell phones is that recycling a phone can save so much power that one can actually turn on a laptop for 44 hours.

You can read below some of the benefits of recycling a used mobile phone.

First of all, mobiles are usually made of valuable materials. All of them have natural resources in abundant quality and energy. Therefore, by recycling a phone one can save a lot of energy from getting the waste. On the other hand, metals that are recovered from used mobile phones are used in different industries such as automotive manufacturing, electronics, jewelry making and many more.

Second, recycling a telephone helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. There is a huge market for remodeled mobile phones that does all the work related to the recycling of mobile phones.

Third, there are many NGOs that are always ready to take used phones to help all the people who need it. Therefore, the owner contributes to the society by delivering their mobile phones.

Fourthly, the plastic used in a telephone is recycled in such a way that it can be used in many electronic devices, for the manufacture of auto parts and for the manufacture of garden furniture.

Another method to make good use of the used mobile phone is to sell them online. There are a number of websites where many use mobile phones for sale. All you need to do is upload a picture of the mobile phone, put a price and upload it on any particular website.

At a time when everyone is thinking of using alternative energy sources, recycling phones is a very positive step towards this initiative. The materials that are derived from a mobile phone can be used in the form of a raw material to make something that can be used as an alternative source of electricity.

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