A New Trends In Business Intelligence Continues To Thrive Your Business

Business intelligence represent the tools and system that plays a key role in business. These BI systems allow the enterprise to gather, store, access and analyze data to aid in decision-making. The Business intelligence software is designed with the primary goal of extracting important data from an organization’s raw data to reveal insights to help a business make faster and more accurate decisions. To extensively fulfil the business decisions Roosboard has been introducing a search driven analytics platform to take a better business decisions faster.

Explore all your data and discover new patterns via search based analytics. Create rich visuals and share insights through Roosboard easy-to-use business intelligence analytics tools.

Search Driven Analytics

Search to analyze data within fraction of seconds through the search driven analytics. Anyone can use Roosboard with zero training to ask questions, analyse company data and build reports and dashboards all in seconds. No need to wait for monthly or weekly to generate reports get real-time reports immediately and reduce your report backlogs.

One of the most challenging aspect in our product is, it makes data understandable even to ordinary people and can find results using search driven analytics to deliver your data never like before.

Relational Search Driven Analytics

A new kind of search driven data analytics platform, that combines the ease of use search with the speed at scale of an enterprise data platform. The search engine understand the relationships across various enterprise data sources and return quickly the results from millions of rows. All data are stored and accessed via relations that provides faster user always.

Embedded Search Driven Analytics

Embedded search driven analytics to embed the analytics into your applications or portal. This embedded feature provides relevant information and analytical tools designed for the task at hand so users can work smarter and more efficiently in the applications they use every day. These capabilities can reside outside the application, reusing the analytic infrastructure built by many enterprises, but must be easily accessible from inside the application, without forcing users to switch between systems.

The Roosboard embedded analytics allows you to embed the charts, dashboard, and even the search bar inside your application. Embed your dashboard inside your application to track your business metrics at one place with continuous flow. Easily embed your required charts in your portal and analyze your sales metrics easily without getting a break.

Voice Activated Analytics

The voice driven approach to analyze the data rapidly with your own natural voice language and can retrieve the results immediately . Natural language processing will guide the voice search analytics, and the technology uses artificial intelligence so that it is very easy to use and smarter it gets on a user basis. It can also most of the small or large business to access the business faster via voice-analytics where it also captures and provides a complex analysis of spoken words that can be used to create more compelling user experiences.

This latest technology allows you to go easy way towards your business and act immediately. It is a smarter analytics with voice activated approach.


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