10 Amazing Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise

When we talk about weight loss, people invariably think about dieting and exercising. But this is easier said than done for most people, especially those whose motivation and discipline levels are low. Are you someone who finds it hard to wake up early and go running or a workaholic? Working day and night, and not able to find the time for a proper workout session? Well, there are indeed solutions to your predicament.

The majority of people look for ways to lose weight without breaking a sweat. The reasons may vary from having no time, to having no motivation to exercise, but the goal is the constant – how to lose weight without exercise. If you are someone looking for ways to get rid of all those excess pounds, then this article is for you. The following are methods you can use to lose weight without exercise:

Chew thoroughly and slow down

When you are eating, it is not just the intestinal system that is active, but also your brain. The centers for appetite and satiety in the brain are the actual ones in action. When your appetite is high, the satiety levels also go up. If you want to eat your favorite food but still trick your brain into early satiety, then you must chew your food more thoroughly and eat slowly. The slow release of food and nutrients in your body will enable early satiety, thereby making you eat less.

Use smaller plates for unhealthy foods

When you want to taste food even after knowing that it does not contain much nutrition, then try using smaller plates. When you use smaller plates, your brain will process it as one full plate and not as a small plate. So you achieve satiety. You could try this by eating a pizza. A small size pizza and medium size pizza have the same effect on satiety because the brain does not process the size of the plate, but the number.

Eat plenty of protein

Proteins act as the building unit of your body. But they also have another excellent function- early satiety. That’s the reason eating two egg whites alone will give you a sense of fullness that lasts longer. Eat loads of proteins in the form of egg whites, peanuts, hummus, grams, quinoa, etc. All these will keep you full for a longer time, reduce appetite, decrease hunger, and lower your cravings, thereby leading to a lesser number of calories consumed.

Keep unhealthy foods out of sight

Have you ever faced this situation where you feel you are disciplined and more than willing to forego junk food and snacks; but you suddenly pass by a store or restaurant with mouthwatering visuals, and immediately lose your resolve? This is because the sight of such foods will bring back the memories of the satisfaction your taste buds received the last time you had those foods. So it would be best to keep these unhealthy foods out of sight. “Out of sight, out of mind” is very much your savior when it comes to avoiding unhealthy foods.

Stop unplanned snacking

If you record what you eat each day in a journal, you will be amazed to see that most of your food intake is just from those unplanned snacks that you grab from the store or from the refrigerator. If you are seriously looking forward to losing weight without exercising, then be disciplined enough to completely avoid unplanned snacking, you will lose weight, and also be easily able to maintain your reduced weight, in the long term,

Drink loads of water

How can drinking water reduce weight, you might be wondering? Well, try this – just before having your meal, drink a few glasses of water and then start eating. You will notice that you will be eating less than you normally do. If you do this daily for few months, your calorie intake will automatically reduce, and you will lose weight. Also, replace all carbonated drinks with water, and observe a significant difference in your weight over a couple of weeks.

Eat fiber rich foods

Fiber rich foods aid in digestion and the absorption of nutrients, and thus enable you to achieve early satiety. The bulk of fiber helps in getting that ‘full’ feeling early.

Stop watching media while eating

A majority of people these days eat either in front of a TV screen, or with their smartphones in hand, streaming videos or movies. You tend to eat more when you eat while consuming media. So it would be best to avoid doing so.

Get a good night’s sleep

Most people don’t get the right amount of deep sleep. Deep sleep boosts the metabolism in your body, and helps burn fat faster. Try sleeping early and waking up before sunrise, and see how much better you will feel.

Stop stress eating

Never eat right after coming from work. Right after work, you are stressed. And when you eat at this time, you tend to eat more. Take a nice bath in warm water before eating. This will help you relax and avoid stress eating.

If you follow the aforementioned tips regularly, you’ll have better control over your hunger-pangs, and other poor dietary habits, which in return will enable you to lose weight, and keep it that way.

Jessica is a passionate writer and blogger and contributes to Health.online, a consumer health website that aims to equip its readers with the right knowledge and means to maintain good health.


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